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The World Of Sweet Advertising

An advertising network that makes a delicious advert and gives a sweet cost for the traffic.
From $15 payments on demand
For advertisers
You will find new clients and increase your trust to your brand. Your personal manager will create and optimise advert campaign for you.
Launching the campaign in less than 24 hours
Sign up and start getting new clients tomorrow.
You select the necessary indicators: CPC or thousand impressions and pay only for them.
Individual manager 24/7
Each advertiser is provided by his own manager to help with creating a campaign and improving its effectiveness and outcomes.
Transparent accountability
You get all the information about advertising in real time.
Safety and defense of fraud
Our professional web-filtering technologies examine each user and ensure the highest quality of traffic.
For site owners
We will buy all your traffic. You will get ready-to-use advertising templates. You just need put in on your site and start earning money with us
Complete conversion of web traffic into revenue
Regardless of which niche your product is in, we are going to buy all traffic and make a moderate and efficient promotional offer for you.
Secure advertisement
All advertisements are checked by hand to avoid banned content on your site.
Individual manager-analyst
You will get an individual manager dedicated exclusively to your publicity campaign.
Payments from $15
We pay when you want and in the way convenient for you.
Rate control
You can choose the rate per thousand impressions or click by yourself.
Three steps to make a profit with MIXADS
in less than a minute
and install it on the website or in the mobile app
from an effective advertising campaign!
  • UNLIM optimize of ads effectiveness
  • 24/7 support
  • 100% traffic buying
  • FROM$15 on-demand payments