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Due to significant fell in wholesale gas prices around 34 percent over 2015 Ofgem and other government authorities have forced energy companies to reduce gas prices for UK households. After a long due E.On energy one of the largest energy supplier of UK announced price cut of 5.1% in household gas price.

That is equivalent to £32 off on energy bill. It will be effective from 1st February. After this announcement another energy giant Scottish Power gave a small relief to their consumers by falling gas prices down by 5.4% but this will be applicable from 15th of March.

Here as a leader in comparison market FreePriceCompare suggests UK households to compare home energy prices freepricecompare.com home energy online. By comparing 'es you can easily find the cheaper deal than your current tariff because our comparison tool searches over 60 suppliers of UK including BIG SIX.

We are rated 4.48 out of 5.0 by our customers. If you have any query then you can talk with our energy adviser at 0203 4757 476. In addition to getting the best energy 'es you can read our energy saving guides that will help you to reduce energy bill.

Website: http://freepricecompare.com/home-energy/

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