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UK is known as the nation of Pet lovers. As per the study nearly half of all British homes own a pet. Pet is an integral part of the family in United Kingdom. For the people who lives in Britain cant see their four legged friend in serious injury or illness. In recent few years there were number of technological advancement came into practice in surgery and medicine as well. Thus veterinary service for low or medium income households became pricier. Government has a nationwide healthcare system commonly known as National Health Service NHS for all the members of family except pets. Now you have two options either you should buy an adequate Pet cover offered by leading pet insurance companies or put your pets down at their own doom. Pet insurance is an affordable option for covering the healthcare expenses of pets. It also covers any injury or damage to third parties because of your furry friends. Premium mainly depends on the age of your pets and the cover you want. Some policies also pays out a lump sum in case your pets die or stolen. At FreePriceCompare.com you can receive the 'es from 15 pet insurance providers like Animal friends Pet protect More than purely Pets Petpals and Helpucover etc. Our user friendly comparison tool enables you to choose the cheapest pet insurance plan from the whole market. Average of our customers save £168.90 on Pet insurance. Government has raised insurance premium tax IPT twice in last six months and because of that one has to pay £12 more on their pet insurance premium.

Website: http://freepricecompare.com/pet-insurance

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