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Created:June 25 ,2016
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Botanic Garden Aviary has become a paradise for exotic birds mostly parrot’s species which are fast becoming pet companions of most families. We took time to captive rear different species of parrot birds back at the Botanic Garden as a proper means of their protection from possible extinctions due to very high demand for these parrots as pets. We therefore have very healthy vaccinated fully weaned tamed trained hand feed parrot species of very high quality ready for delivery at your location and address directly from the Botanic Garden Aviary in Bota. We have the follow parrot birds species available
Blue & Gold macaw Scarlet Macaws Green wing macaw Hyacinth macaw
Black palm Cockatoo Moluccas cockatoo Rose breasted cockatoo Umbrella cockatoo
Double yellow headed Amazon Yellow nape Amazon Blue front Amazon
African Congo grey Timneh Congo grey
Toucans Falcons Flamingos
Are you interested or searching for any of these parrot bird species as pets then the Botanic Garden Aviary is the right place for the right pet parrot birds for your family. Contact now using details below for latest prices and reservations brotherabbo.aviculturist (at) gmail.com Skype ID aviculturist.abbo botanicalgardenparrotsaviary.webgarden.com

Website: http://botanicalgardenparrotsaviary.webgarden.com/

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