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Created:July 25 ,2016
Updated:July 25 ,2016
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GreenMax APOLO Series can reduce the volume of Styrofoam waste up to 50 1. So the scattered and big size material can be compressed into tight block. Then the lightweight and scattered EPS will be easily transported. GreenMax use a more powerful crusher for EPS. Compared to the crusher of EPS the crusher of EPS has double motor and more sharped blade. But the APOLO machines can also handle Styrofoam recycling effectively.
EPS Recycling Manager Lucy Shen Ms
Tel 86 21 34978818 ext 1168
Fax 86 21 34978808 ext 1168
Email Lucyshen (at) intco.com.cn

Website: http://www.intcorecycling.com

Website: http://www.intcorecycling.com

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