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Contact:Gergely Takacs

Created:May 25 ,2017
Updated:May 25 ,2017
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Alarm clocks in the morning and the passing of time the countdown between going to work and being free at last only to repeat the cycle made me sick and tired. I would not do this any longer even if I was paid well for it which is not the case here. I think many people have a daily routine similar to mine

Get up walk my dogs rush to work hurry home walk the dogs have a few hours of freetime and then walk the dogs again at 10 p.m. in the evening go to bed get up and start the rat race again for a salary that is only enough for living month to month without much freetime.

The solution to break free from this agenda met me at my workplace. I found out that one of my colleagues is in some kind of online coffee business. Now I know is DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom healthy coffee business. I know because I decided to join and build my business online because I fell in love with DXN coffee at the first cup. This business usually does not pay much in the first few years and I have to put work into it but there is no investment needed and I can do it fully online if I want to. My hard work is rewarded here with a pension like salary called passive income and the freedom of being able to decide what and when to do. My blog entry here is not all about the business. It is a personal writing that some of you might find very similar in a few aspects to their lives. About online Ganoderma coffee venture you can read in the business opportunity menu and in my newsletter.

dxncoffee.com blog 2017 03 27 Ending the Tyranny of the Clock

Website: http://dxncoffee.com/blog-2017-03-27-Ending_the_Tyranny_of_the_Clock

Website: http://dxncoffee.com/blog-2017-03-27-Ending_the_Tyranny_of_the_Clock

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